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Reply to "NEWS: Nick Seymour Slams Neil Finn"

Pretty sure Neil never hinted at going solo, that was just natural. You have to remember that
demo's had been done for some songs (with Peter Jones) as possible tracks for the next Crowded House album.
The plan was release Recurring Dream and tour and record the new CD off the back of that
no talk of any solo stuff etc. It all happened when we were in London VERY quickly, just a decision to finish and yep Neil lit the match! (:
I agree,
I think fans should see Tarmac Adam and maybe have a listen to the CD before you buy it. So far we have had a massive 6 emails regarding the CD, and 5 people hate it to one liking it. (Two if you include Wuntie). Everyone's different, some may love it,.if you are asking me,I think it is so bland, I truly dislike Matt ODonnells voice and the songwriting is horrid. It put's the "S" in HIT.
Nick did ask me what I thought, so I was honest.

I guess the true test is how many copies the public buys and if the people who love it will still be playing it 6 months down the track.

At least LIVE the Seymour/Hester personality's can come out which is always entertaining.

    All times London, UK.

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