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Reply to "NEWS: Nick Seymour Slams Neil Finn"

Weird as I was just responding to Mo/Maureen on the List that out of Nick and Paul it was Nick who really wanted the band to go on, Paul had long long left, and really Nick was pissed off. It's his right, especially at the time.

Saying all that it's actually been quite awhile since the split and you would expect that most people would move on.
Several things to think about:
1/ Nick has had quite a few occasions to tell Neil what he thinks, and from the times I have been around have never heard him say a thing

2/ When Split Enz broke up, it was Neil Finn who gave Nick Seymour the chance to be in this amazing band, he came to Neil cap in hand, and has benefited incredibly well, in all areas. Financially Neil has been very generous to all of us, from royalties to Nick getting a brand new 4 wheel drive , to owning his own apartment at Prahran and Dublin... each time Neil tours Crowded House sell CDS, and a percentage goes to Nick, and Paul (Mark/Peter/Tim)... they do not have to do a thing.

3/ I was never on every tour, on every tour bus or in every backstage band room, but I have to say during that whole time I never once heard Neil threaten to break up the band as some sort of power play... not saying it didn't happen but I can never ever remember one time..... while I was present and I was around A LOT.

Even when Nick was sacked for those few weeks, there was talk of a replacement, but not of the band splitting. There were times when Neil did feel that a huge weight of the band was on his shoulders, especially around interviews etc, and you know what, it WAS... and maybe he did say this is getting too much BUT I never witnessed him playing mind games etc as quoted...

Was Neil a controling force behind Crowded House, yes and I am so glad he was, in many cases, but I can think of hundreds of examples where Nick and Pauls input was always part of it.... Neil was the leader, I think everyone would agree with that...but Crowded House really was Neil, Nick and Paul...

I'm not sure if the article was taken out of context, etc, but it just feels like a really cheap shot, because Nui (journalist who we have all known for years) couldn't get a Tarmac Adam article printed in the Sun without some sort of
beefed up Crowded House piece for placement......

I don't think Nick should be crucified, but if the reason for doing this is to scrape in some mention of Tarmac Adam's gig tonight in the paper it really is a piss poor. We do have to ask- would Nick be saying the same stuff to a journalist if there wasn't a show that could well be only 1/3 full! Give us the dirt and we'll give you a mention of your show...

I remember the day that Neil decided to break up the band, 5 of us (maybe 6?) were in the room, no threats no big drama just Neil saying
it's time to move on, I want to break up Crowded House. He looked really relieved, and I laughed (weird reaction I know)...but it wasn't a big drama or any threats thrown at people....

Anyway nuff said from my side....Nicks a really good mate love him to death but I felt it was a really cheap shot at some media attention for this other project and really a bit sad.

None of us are saints but I can honestly say that the reason why I put in all these hours of work is simply that, Neil Finn has been an exceptional person, and incredibly kind... you'd think after 23 years I would of noticed one half decent threat !!! *GRIN*. maybe I'm just a bit slow!!

    All times London, UK.

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