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Reply to "NEWS: Nick Seymour Slams Neil Finn"

Yes Mona, I was aware of 1996/1997 interviews where Nick admitted being really pissed off about Neil ending the band, however I don't remember him ever saying stuff like this:

"Neil had a particular way of maintaining his authority. The threat of breaking up the band was always hanging over the band, and delivered by Neil.


"It was one of those mind games that, towards the end, just became annoying until he finally, ultimately, pulled the pin."

*never* trust what you read in the papers.
So you don't think Nick spoke to the news reporter? Or quoted him correctly? I know what you're saying & I'm not always that happy @ newspaper reports, but this one exists because Nick actually went out of his way ot publically embarras Neil Finn 7 years after the split. Or are you saying an actual news item about the band in the biggest newspaper in Australia wasn't worth starting a new topic about?

Also notable was the reporter thinking the band had split up in 1993... Roll Eyes

It looks like I won't be going to see Tarmac Adam tonight.
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