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Originally posted by Jeffcoop:
I'm not trying to make money . . .

. . . "I just love to sell guns, heh, heh, heh." (take on a creepy quote from a series of commercials featuring Don Davis of "Don's Guns" and Indianapolis fame)

Well, the talents of some among us never cease to surprise. Unfortunately, given time constraints, I can't remember the last time I read the "Original Creations" thread, but I came here to comment after just recently receiving a copy of Jeff's CD in the mail. Perhaps others were in the same boat as me in not even being aware of the recording's existence. I suspect it may be the reason more requests haven't been made.

Anyway, given the manner in which you produced the CD, it turned out very well despite the lack of a professional studio/equipment. I've always thought production would be something I'd really enjoy, so am envious of anyone who has the skills to do it.

I thought it was a very credible reading of the song and one done for the right reasons (which shows through). Harmonies and instrumentation sound good, as well. You mentioned that the lead vocals weren't as full as you'd wanted, but I thought the "A chance is made, a chance is lost . . . " portion was sung quite well, which is no doubt the most difficult part of the song to sing.

You've already told me, but for the benefit of others here, can you further relate who did what within the recording and/or how it was produced?

Jeff, you and your brother are to be commended for undertaking this effort, and you should be very proud of the result. When is the Coop Brothers follow-up release expected? Cool

Hang in there, man!
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