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Reply to "New “Live At Home” video: Fall At Your Feet"

These recordings aren’t made simultaneously by all the band members At the same time . The internet technology doesn’t exist to allow 5 musicians from different parts of the world to play live together . They are synced together using programmes such as “ Acapella “ or equivalent . 

I have mixed feelings about the current versions sounding like perfect recreations of the original recordings. The band sound on top of their game , but Liam is almost trying too hard to demonstrate how well he knows the “ authentic “ parts .  

I don’t hear any difference in quality between Neil and the rest of the band sonically ?

In many respects Mitchell makes sense in terms of what he contributed to the first 3 albums , but I thought the band had moved on . If you are going to replace Mark , then Mitchell makes sense , but the thing is - I can’t for the life of me understand why Mark was replaced . 

No offence to Matt , he was great - but I can get on board with Elroy becoming the new drummer . I just keep coming back to the conclusion that replacing Mark was bizarre and unnecessary . 

Mark can do everything Mitchell AND Liam can plus he sings - pretty sure Mitchell won’t be . 

Does this mean Neil is now acoustic rhythm guitarist ? Sad if the case . 

Crowded House were a phenomenal 4 piece band . They had no need to become a 5 piece . 

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