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I'm wondering how Neil has approached the post production on this album .I think its been said that he's added some overdubs , but has he tinkered with any of the stuff that was recorded live ? Are the vocals for instance as they were, or has he "fixed" anything ? I'd be interested to know folks thoughts ...

As "Byrds talk to me " mentioned , I think I prefer this to Dizzy Heights already . It has good songs , but there is something about that record that leaves me a bit cold ...   The inclusion of "Divebomber" didn't help things for me. I think its the least enjoyable Neil song I've heard to date...

I agree "Divebomber" is a VERY challenging song in its final form on "DH," but if you get a chance to hear Neil play it solo on piano August 31, 2013 at Largo at the Coronet in  Los Angeles, CA (which can be found on the Jane Music site you might discover, like me, what a stunning song it truly is. He really messed up its organic beauty with that production approach. As a simple piano/voice song - it's astounding. 

I completely agree with you about "Divebomber".  I hated the studio version but fell in love with the live version which is off the charts brilliant.  Here it is ... enjoy!


That's amazing, as well. I think that's from 2015. It still presents the song in a much more appealing, understandable form, but the simple, solo piano and voice recording with the orchestra from August 2013 mentioned above is still the one that kills me the most. It's so worth hunting down. 

In fact, most of the "DH" songs that he first tried out live in 2013 just solo on piano really come to life in ways that allow them to peek out from beneath the "DH" production easily. Then again, Neil has always tried out new songs before recording them and it's gotten to the point where there's almost no "definitive" version of any of his songs - only subjective, personal favorites from among the various live, demos, studio cuts, mixes and outtakes. He's like Dylan in that way. Or Van Morrison. 

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