Reply to "New album: "Out Of Silence"... Is he bringing us along for the ride?"

Here is today's play list (11 August 2017)

First half:

The Finn Brothers

1 Disembodied Voices

2 Goin' Out of My Head (short bit of Little Anthony & the Imperials cover)

3 Angel's Heap

4 Mood Swinging Man

5 Only Talking Sense

6 Four Seasons in One Day

7 Edible Flowers

8 Alone

(Neil and Tim Finn singing, playing guitar, piano and conga. Elroy Finn played tea chest bass and electric bass on several songs. A 20 piece orchestra played on the last three songs. "Alone" was premiered today)

9 Fire in Your Belly (Liam Finn song)

10 Forever Dolphin Love (Connan Mockasin song)

(Liam Finn, Connan Mockasin and two others from Los Angeles through Skype with Neil and Elroy in the studio in Auckland)

11 - 15 Second Nature

16 -17 Terrorise Me

(Second Nature was recorded with Neil on piano and singing, Elroy on bass, a 7-piece choir and the orchestra. This will be mixed and mastered later today/tonight and released as the next downloadable single on 18 August. 

"Terrorise Me" was the second premiered song from Out of Silence.)

    All times London, UK.

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