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Reply to "New Album"

To say the truth, no one really knows because who could of predicted Crowded House returning in 2007? Really?

Maybe because of Paul H and the 10 years since the Sydney shows was the reason so Neil thought, why not..."make this solo album into something" because he knew many didn't want the band to come to an end anyway.

At the time it was not rocknroll enough for me so I didn't bother with it, but when I did listen too it, I was surprised by how good it was, some of it was WAY too laid back and would of made a much better Neil Finn record but half of its really good.

"Say that again" is one of those songs by them that gets forgotten but its actually on the level of the first 4 records or the Together Alone one and its one of my top 3 I think easily.

I like that moody dark sound they put in their music like that.

What I have found with bands...or even Crowded House (Neil Finn) is they are unpredictable, and you have to make it exciting for yourself as a musician because you are at the end of the day MAKING a profit for the record labels, which is tiring....

The record label would of loved a new 5th Crowded House album to juice...but Neil maybe thought it would make the band too commercial and would give them what they wanted so he decided against it, not to mention the promotion that would of come with an expected record like that.

So my thoughts are Liam/Neil F record then perhaps some work done on Crowded House, possibly a new Neil Finn album if its done, and then Crowded House finish off the record they have and release it.

But I think a Crowded House album will come second. 

Say that again? (:




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