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Reply to "New Album"

I think the Liam and Neil album will be very good. 

But a new Crowded House album would be even better, their best in a long time, or Neil Finns best anyway.

And if they do a new album I would say it would be Mark and Neil and the other two perhaps not until they do some shows. They would have no problem using session musicians. It wouldn't matter that much.

They would not be leaving it to far into the future I don't think, I think because of the re-releases and reunion shows they probably would of knocked an album together early last year sometime to be put out sometime very soon. Perhaps later this year possibly.

And I don't know why your going on about them being in their 80s, if they aren't 60 yet...

Its just a shame they didn't reconvene 5 years later in 2002 or 2003 perhaps for a new record rather than leaving it so long. A missed opportunity.

I don't even know why they split up anyway, the should of just done two more records then called it quits, and they would probably be just reforming now. No one would mind I don't think.

Spirit of the stairs, Anthem, Taste of something divine, Instinct, not the girl you think you are, I'm so scare of losing, I don't know you like I thought and Everything is good for you are all easily I think their best collection of songs.

So I don't know if I would prefer if they recorded those ones for a new record or wrote all new songs. I'd like to hear them finished properly.

I never knew anything about a Tim Finn project, that is news to me.

All I knew is there was possibly another Neil Finn solo record and one done with his son.

I would say a Crowded House album would be first, after the first one I just mentioned.


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