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ShowMeAnimals posted:
Hi there,

Just wondering if anybody would be able to offer a little more info on Neil's Maton acoustic.

I know it's a Custom EGB808. I'm trying to decide which is the closest looking standard-issue Maton. The 'Artist' model seems too light in colour. Would the EGB808L be a closer comparison?

In terms of features, Matons standard artist model is closer, in terms of sound. The artist models have small microphones just inside the soundhole aswel as a pickup, althought some of neils older models wouldnt have the microphone feature. The model hes using here is his most recent one from maton i believe
The 808L is a laminated finish, but i believe neils artist is a different finish of that to the standard artists. Not by colour but what its covered in. Maton would happily re create neils acoustic for you if you wish, just mail them.

Hope this helps Smiler

From a reliable source, Neil has owned total of 5 Maton EBG808 guitars, custom made to his specs. The guitar in the clip is the second of the five, and distinctive in that it is the only one with a pickguard. This is also the guitar that Neil used in his emotional 2005 ARIA Awards tribute to Paul Hester, playong Better be Home Soon.  Neil generously donated the guitar for auction by the NZ music foundation in 2017.

    All times London, UK.

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