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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"

Originally posted by Renishaw:

Also, I have heard that Neil owns an actual 1959 Les Paul and has maybe used it on the Finn Bros tour. Anyone knwo if this is true - this would have cost him an absolute fortune!

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If he does, it would be easy to tell the difference between what he usually plays in that the '59 used full-sized humbuckers (assuming that it hadn't been modified, which I would doubt that it would be). It would look like the one in my photo (more about this later).

Here is a gallery of some '59s (some with covers off):

Here are two YouTube videos of two different orignal '59s. The first is owned by Larry DiMarzio.

I can't find my Gibson Electrics book to verify, but I think that by '59, all '59s were sunburst. Some of them had flame tops but most didn't. The tops would have had more red than the sunburst in my closeup picture, but many of them would had had the red faded out after a few years to end up looking like the one in the picture. I think this had something to do with the UV protection of the dyes breaking down in sunlight.

Here's a thread in a les Paul forum that you will find interesting:

There's a picture of a well-worn Goldtop that I've never seen before (or don't remember seeing). Plus, they have reposted my photo there (which is just fine with me) and they've identified it as a '59 "Historic" model with an "iced tea" finish. Historic is different than Reissue, as the Reissue tries to be as close to the original as possible, with a higher price to boot, unless it's a Historic that's gone through Gibson's version of the Fender Custom Shop. The Historic series is a more "generic" and slightly cheaper repro of the original. There are a few different finishes you can choose from.

Also this, from a NZ guitar forum:

"NF does have a '59 burst - I've seen it. Held tantalisingly at arms length from me by his guitar tech. Which reminds me I was going to ask him (the guitar tech) for some photos of it, but at the time he was in the UK rehearsing for the Crowded House tour. I was quite impressed Neill bought the 59 with him as a backup guitar on the Finn Bros tour".

I suspect that what John Walsh was dangling was the guitar that I took a picture of. If you leave off the "Historic" designation, it's a '59, right? Either John was having a bit of fun, or the poster might have misunderstood. Of course, the guitar itself isn't a cheap one. The flame sunburst runs close to $6k (a plain Jane simple maple top runs about $3500). In guitar parlance, this is called a AA top. Demands quite a premium.
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