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Originally posted by theworldwhereyoulive:
Sorry to reserect this topic but i have a question.

I'm ripping the P90 pick ups out of my Gold Top Les Paul and I was wondering what I should replace them with to get that classic Finn sound? I'm thinking the Mini humbuckers or some 57 classics.

Anyone got some advice?

It's funny, but I think the P-90s can get that springy sort of Finn sound pretty well. I think that a lot of it is in the amp and amp settings. I use a Vox AD30VT, which has a lot of different amp models to choose from. I've got a Gibson clone Gold Top with P-90 cream colored soapbar pickups. Finn does use Vox amps, so that might be more of a key than humbuckers.

Obviously, Finn gets a decent Finn sound out of the mini-humbuckers. :g: But let's not forget that he gets that "Finn sound" out of a Strat and a Gretsch as well. Well, at least he's used the Strat in the past.

I love the sound of P-90s personally.

Check out the Vox if you get a chance. It's cheap and it has a single 12AX7 (ECC83 for Euro types) tube in the circuitry (everything else is solid state). I got mine virtually new in the States for $150 at a pawn shop. I think that the normal US street price is around $250. The 30 is plenty loud, but if you need more power, you can spend more money for a 50w or 100w model (the 100w model is a head unit only). If I remember correctly, Neil uses an AC30 and just mikes it through th PA. You can see it here at a Finn Bros. show:

You can also see the corner of a little Fender Champ right behind Neil's butt. Not sure if that was Tim's amp or whether it was part of a stereo setup for Neil. IIRC, the Vox was also part of the Crowded House stage setup.

Here's the Champ (I think it's a Champ):

Oh yeah, if you are just a home player, you can get the little Vox 15w Valtronix amp. It sounds the same as the bigger brothers but it just won't play as loud. I had that one for a month or two before i sold it to a friend to get the 30w model.

Probably the best amps under $300 out there. Certainly there are very few amps at that price point that have a tube anywhere in the mix. It has a really nice AC30 position on the amp modeling switch, plus it models the old classic Fenders (Bassman and Blackface twin). It also models several Marshalls (for copyright reasons they call them UK 70s, UK 80s, UK Modern) a Soldano (US HiGain), a 2 Dumble boutique amp (Boutique OD and Boutique CL) and there's a "NuMetal" position that might be a modern Marshall.

There's also a parallel Valvetronix line that is pricier. It's got the same looks as the classic AC30s. They have even more amp model positions and I think they also have full tube preamps and amps. I think that they are 60w and 120w respectively and I'm sure that they're quite expensive.

You should check out the cheaper series with your current guitar to see if that might turn the trick instead of ripping out your P90s. Considering how popular Vox amps are down under, you shouldn't have a problem finding one to take a spin with.
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