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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"

neil's got two goldtops. both are 70's les paul deluxe models.

the one he's always had - no pickguard, black ring around the toggle switch and non original tuners. probably schallers.
this one is the more 'worn' looking one with the crazed finish. (Looks really new in the split enz message to my girl video)

As somebody mentioned before, the neck has been broken at the headstock. You can tell because there are shots of it on the '96 farewell gig where the volute area has been clearly refinished darker (almost black). this is typical of a neck repair.
i've got videos of a '88 melbourne show where the neck volute area was still the original colour (not black). So it must have been broken some time in between. Its also got a pancake body. You can see it from the close ups on the farewell dvd during the world where you live guitar solo.

The second one seems to be new. New as in, i've only started seeing it since the live aid gig. It sports the pickguard, a cream coloured ring around the toggle switch and the original green tulip tuners. Its finish is in much better condition and doesnt have all the crazing.

Both have the extra rings/pickup surrounds around the mini humbuckers. Both are probably early 70s as gibson only put these rings around the mini humbuckers during that period. Doesnt matter what John Walsh or Neil says - neither one of the guitars are from 68. Gibson didnt have volutes, pancake bodies or the extra pickup rings on the Les Paul Deluxe until early 70s.

If you check out the photos in this thread - you can see he's using BOTH guitars at the same gig:

yeah i know - its a little weird that i've been taking notice of such details for the last ten years.
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