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Originally posted by RavingChat:
Well the first electric he bought (in Soho, London, aged 19, Day 1 with Split Enz)was a Yamaha. Can't remember the model number, but it had a double cutaway. You can see it in early Split Enz concert pics. You can still get them because I saw one in a guitar shop in Singapore a couple of years ago.

The Yamaha solid body electric Neil played in his early Split Enz days was a Yamaha SG 800 series guitar.

The SG 500, SG 700 and SG 800 are essentially affordable versions of the SG1000/2000/3000s.

The main differences are cosmetic. The SG500/700/800 have less binding, simpler headstock designs, open or plastic covered pickups and chrome instead of gold hardware.

The cheaper models still share the same mahogany body and set neck as the more expensive models, but the 800 has dot markers on the fretboard instead of trapezoid inlays.

In the day, the Yamaha SG series posed a big threat to the traditional Gibson Les Paul market and the guitar became very popular in the 1980's.

High profile players using Yamaha SG guitars include Carlos Santana, and in the UK, Midge Ure (UltraVox & Visage) and the guys from Big Country. There was also this young Kiwi chap playing in his brother's band...

Hope that is of help or interest to someone, somewhere.


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