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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"


Being a gear-head, this is the best thread ever! Thanks for sharing all this! Big Grin

PS: there was a series on ABC Australia a couple years ago which interviewed famous guitarists, explored their gear, how they came up with riffs and sounds etc.

I've forgotten what the show was called, but I saw the Angus Young episode a while back and loved it (I'm not even an AC/DC fan). I think the production company was called Chieftan (or big Chief)... they used the Indian motorbike logo... It would be brilliant if they had of done a Finn episode.

PPS: I owned a couple of MIJ Gretsches until earlier this year - a White Falcon and a black double-cutaway Duo Jet (both sold due to a relationship break-up).

I bought and imported them both from the USA from eBay and got them for LESS than half the price I would pay for them in Australia, even after paying expensive freight costs, GST and import taxes.


    All times London, UK.

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