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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"

Originally posted by Evvie:
Well, he can't lip-synch.

I'm enjoying this thread even though I'm not very guitar-savvy. I'm curious to know more about Maton guitars. What are their hallmarks in appearance, playability, and sound?


Hi Evvie,

I know this is a late reply, but I play Maton acoustics exclusively cos I just adore them. For me, the hallmark Maton sound is that warm glorious mid-tone without tinny upper ranges. You can get some models with fabulous lower ranges to them, notably the 808 series, which is the one Neil plays.

Great thing about Maton is they're 100% Aussie made and don't cost the earth for a great sound. Don't look past the laminate models (I've got an 808BGL), they can sound just as good for half the price.

Cheers - Tahl.
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