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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"

Wow, this great thread is still going. This is good stuff - we should consolidate all the details Smiler

I wanted to add, that Neil is also using a UniVibe (Dunlop).

and he uses Jim Dunlop .73 and .88 picks and Kyser capos.

* The red Gretsch (Firebird) is a '58 (or '59)
* The Les Paul Goldtop/Deluxe? I don't know, it's confusing - it'ss most likely from the early 70's...I don't believe they didn't do the mini-humbuckers until '69. Can't believe the fact I saw an identical one in a local shop ('73) Goldtop, mini-humbuckers and even the black plastic around the switch - too bad I didn't have $1500 sitting around)

Neil also used alot of Danelectro's (The Bellzouki 12 string and a Guitarlin (with the long horns, deep cutaways) during the Together Alone era)

He also have a Gretsch White Penguin hanging on the wall in his basement studio as well as a double cutaway, Gretsch DuoJet. There seem to be alot of goodies on that wall.

I am sure the pedal setup changes, but I have also seen it with just the Jimi Hendrix Dunlop Wah, the Hotcake, DD-3 Boss Delay and a Boss Tuner)

Can any of you, who have the (E)BG808, compare it to the Taylor 312/314/412/414? In body sound and size?
    All times London, UK.

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