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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"

Yeah, certainly agree with that. Maton do make great sounding guitars; the small-bodied ones, the "BlueGrass" series (BG, EBG) have such a big sound!

Sure, Maton will do any customisation you want (at a price). Maton offer a set of custom options to make the guitar look different, so sure, you can make your EBG808 look like one of Neil's if you want. Check out the website

But Martin and Collings also make very nice-sounding small-bodied guitars. Check out (if you're in a Martin dealer shop) the Martin "Eric Clapton" signature model (OK, if you have USD 10,000 lying around).

The Martin guitar Neil plays on the Edible Flowers video is a Martin "Graham Nash" signature model: all Mahogany body...looks amazing, and probably sounds the same ("only" around USD 5000 according to their website). It looks a bit like the guitar you see Robert Johnson playing on the front of that compilation CD of his stuff. Cool or what?

The originator of this thread was interested in all Neil's guitars from
"Day 1", I think...

Well the first electric he bought (in Soho, London, aged 19, Day 1 with Split Enz)was a Yamaha. Can't remember the model number, but it had a double cutaway. You can see it in early Split Enz concert pics. You can still get them
because I saw one in a guitar shop in Singapore a couple of years ago. The Yamaha website is probably a good place to check the latest...!

The LP Goldtop he played at the very first Crowded House gig (Middle Park Hotel, Melbourne, 1986, supporting Split Enz) was a 1964 Les Paul Goldtop. Of course, he may have other ones, too... If you want a Goldtop, I think Gibson only do LP Standards as Goldtops now, but check the webpage. Of course, if you happen to be a Rock-god, a guitar-maker will do any
customisation/alteration you desire for free (publicity).

Any idea what was the pillar-box red thin-line acoustic Neil plays at the beginning of the "I Like To Watch" video? Think it might be another Yamaha...
    All times London, UK.

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