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Reply to "Neil's guitars, effects, amps"

On Neils pedalboard and amps...

so, we seem to have nailed down that he uses:

- an old tweed Fender Deluxe paired with a Vox AC-30 (possibly with an ABY switch of some kind?)

- a Crowther Audio Hotcakes distortion (3 knob)

- a Boss Digital Delay pedal (i assume it's the DD-3 cos you can't make the newer ones like the DD-5 and DD-6 do swirly stuff when you twiddle the knobs, they just jump to the new value).

- i think i saw a Hughes and Kettner Tube Rotosphere on his pedalboard in the "Sessions" DVD, tho it seemed to have gone by 7 Worlds.

i KNOW there's more to it than those, but i can't identify them from the DVD stills.

anyone else? Bueller?
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