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Reply to "Neil's DVD's poll"

1. The early SE stuff is just fascinating and I love it. It gives a whole new dimension (sometimes cheesy, sometimes very cool) to some of the songs.

2. This is great and I like the CD too. This is the one I watch when I want the true concert experience.

3. I have never seen it but wish I had it.

Originally posted by Martine:
[qb] 4. Neil Finn Sessions at West 54th I know this isn't a favourite of some Alberta fans--I remember reading in an old thread that apparently Neil cancelled some concerts in their cities so this could be filmed. While I FEEL YOUR PAIN--now the whole world can see what Neil was up to that summer forever and forever. I see your point of view on this Jeremy and I do agree somewhat but I'm such a fanatic that I would have enjoyed it even if he was playing a comb through a kleenex for two hours. [/qb]
Ha ha! This DVD is my favourite BECAUSE of this reason! The concert being cancelled was the worst thing that happened to me in 1998 Wink (which means that it was a really good year!). In the long run it was worth it and I�m glad we all have the DVD. I also agree with the comb/kleenex comment!

5. It�s nice to have all the videos in one place (instead of bits a pieces scattered throughout my VHS tapes). Got to see some videos for the first time too.
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