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Reply to "Neil Finn Kitchen Sink: a chronological reference guide"

An Update: I've updated this with non-live selections from the CH deluxe albums and more Fang Radio songs. The 2019-2020 songs are mostly undated, so I've just used the time of their broadcast as dates. I'm sure there are a handful of songs still missing...

Songs marked * connote CH deluxe songs, songs marked **  are Fang Radio exclusives.

Platform 3 [live] After Hours


The Ninnez Demos
Carried Away (Split Enz) (also available on out of print The Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)
Holy Smoke (Split Enz) ( The Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)


Things (Split Enz)


What's the Matter with You [live] Split Enz
Missing Person [live] Split Enz


Firedrill (Split Enz)

My Darkest Day/Letter to Maisie (Neil Finn home demo] **


Love and Success (Split Enz)
Your Inspiration (Split Enz)
Serge (Split Enz) 
I Walk Away [extended Mix] Split Enz
I Hope I Never [live "punk" version] ** also on Enzology
Something So Strong [home demo]*
Hole In the River [studio demo with Eddie, Nigel and Paul]*
Love You 'Til the Day I Die [home demo]*


That's What I Call Love [studio demo]*
Can't Carry On [Studio Demo]*
Walking On the Pier [Studio Demo]*
Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend? [studio Demo]*
Oblivion [Studio demo]*
Walking On the Spot [Studio Demo]*
Something So STrong [studio Demo]*
Stranger Underneath Your Skin [home demo]*
Don't Dream It's Over [Home demo]*
Left Hand [live, Mullanes version]*
GRabbing By the Handful [live, Mullanes]*
Walking on the Spot ["Punk" live version, Mullanes--from Fangradio]**
World Where You Live [Writing Demo]*


Recurring Dream [original version, released on Rikki and Pete soundtrack]*
Crowded House album
Don't Dream It's Over [extended mix]Crowded House
World Where You Live [extended mix]Crowded House
Everything to Live For (The Rock Party)
Whispers and Moans [home demo]*


Never Be the Same [home demo]*
Dream On[Home Demo]*
Never Been Born [Rehearsal Excerpt]*
Think I'm Gonna Change  [home demo]*
Fire Will Keep Me Warm [home demo]*
Love This Life [home demo]*
Into Temptation [Home demo]*
You I know (Jenny MOrris)

Sister Madly [studio outtakes]*
Temple of Low Men album

Home demos:
Burnt Out Tree [home demo]*
I May Be Late [home demo]*
She Goes On[Home demo}(
As Sure AS I Am [home demo}*

My Legs ARe Gone*
Doctor Livingstone
I Love You Dawn
My Telly's Gone Bung
Time Immemorial

You got Me Going [home demo]*
Be My Guest [home demo]*
Italian Plastic [home demo]*

Weather With You [home demo]*
Chocolate Cake [home demo]*
How Will You Go [home demo]*
It's Only Natural [home demo]*
Four Seasons In One Day [home demo]*
There Goes God [home demo]*
Catherine Wheels [home demo]*
All I Ask [home demo]*
Prodigal Son [home demo]
Strangeness and Charm [home demo]
In Love with It All [home demo]
My Legs Are Gone (Crowded House) [home demo]*
Prodigal Sun (Finn Brothers) [home demo]*
Strangeness and Charm (Finn Brothers) [home demo]*
IN Love With It All (Finn Brothers) [home demo]*

All is Forgiven Neil Finn & Jimmy Barnes demo from Fang radio **

Fields Are Full of Your Kind*
Creek Song/Left Hand(
Fall at Your Feet [early version rehearsal]*
Sacred Cow*
Anyone Can Tell*
I"m Still Here*
Left Hand*
Recurring Dream [remix/new vocal]
She's Not There? (Crowded House)


Woodface album
Blue Smoke [home demo]*
Fingers of Love [writing demo]*
Private Universe [writing demo]*
Distant Sun[writing demo]*
I Am In Love [home demo]*

Weather With You [radio edit] Crowded House
Weather with You [various mixes]


I Am in Love [band demo]*
Fingers of love [alternative take]*
Black and White Mix [Early Monitor Mix]*
Locked Out [Zen Mix]*


Newcastle Jam *
Convent Girls*
Zen Roxy*
I Am In Love
You Can Touch
Newcastle Jam [alternate mix]**
Zen Roxy [alternate mix]**
Together Alone album

Private Universe [radio edit] Crowded House
Distant Sun (US single edit)


Gifted (Dave Dobbyn)


Be My Guest [live]
Spirit of the Stairs [home demo]*
I'm So Scared of Losing I Can't Compete [home demo]*
Everything is Good for You [home demo]*
Not the Girl YOu Think You are [home demo]*
Instinct [demo]*

Instinct [band demo]
Help Is Coming - vocal may have been recorded in 1999
Anthem [studio demo --note vocal recorded in 2015]*
I don't Know You [studio demo]*
Taste of Something Divine [studio demo]*
Spirit of the Stairs [studio demo]*
Terrify the Ones that Love You [studio demo]**
Everything Is Good for You studio demo0**
Finn Album


Loose Tongue [rough mix]*
Not the Girl You Think YOu Are
Everything Is Good for You 
Recurring Dream album
Don't Dream It's Over [remix]
Mary of the South Seas (Finn Brothers)
What I Get Paid For (Shawn Colvin)
Here Come the Gods (Annie Crummer)


Don't Dream It's Over [acoustic version]
Instrumental jam (Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, James Pinkerton and others]**


Fish Hook
Log Drums
The Spirit of the Stairs
Family Ties
Identical Twin
808 Song
She Comes Scattered


Can You Hear Us
Neville the Enchanted Rug
The Girl from Godknowswhere
Dream Girl


Billie Jean
Sexual Healing
Exquisite Stereo (Deborah Conway)


One Nil

Now I get It
Faraway Children demo*8
Human Kindess demo**

Faraway Children
Real and Right and True
Sweet Secret Peace (two versions)
Little Fish
Gratitude and Grief
Lullabye Requiem (two versions)

HUman Kindness
Time ON Earth
Love Is all That Remains
HOle In the Ice (single mix)

Two of Us (Neil and Liam Finn)
Too Many People (Finn Brothers)

Ray Of Hope
One All album
(Plus Bob Clearmountain and/or Tchad Blake One All/One Nil mixes)
Wherever You Are (radio edit)


All God's Children [NF home demo]**
Gentle Soul [FB demo]**
Everday Alright (Finn Brothers)
The Land Torments the Sea (Finn Brothers)
Tell Me C'mon (Finn Brothers)
Sunset Swim (Finn Brothers)
Way Back Down (Finn Brothers)
Edible Flowers [instrumental mix]

Everyone Is Here album
various single edits

Stereo Love instrumental [demo] **
Silent House [demo] NF and the Dixie chicks **
She Called Up [home demo]*
A Sigh [home demo]*

Here's a Note [studio demo] ("CH")*
Purple Light [studio demo] ("CH")*
So Dramatic*
Stare Me Out [Alternative version]*
Distance Across [studio demo]*
Lost Island*
Stare Me Out*
Bound to Rescue [home demo]*
Don't Stop Now [home demo]*
Won't Be Silent [Nick Seymour home demo]&
People are LIke Sons [piano version]*

You I know [version 2] (jenny MOrris)

Time On Earth album

Blue Hotel ? [demo]


God Lives Over the Road [studio demo]*
Isolation [studio demo]*
Better Things [studio demo]&
Guiding Star
Girls (Women Make You Feel All Right)

Even If [Take 1]*
Archer's Arrows [alternative version]*
Saturday Sun [Alternative version]*
The INtriguer [studio]*
Turn It Around*
Eyes Grow Heavy*
Beautiful Life [studio demo]**
Honour bound {early version of Bound to Rescue] **
Corporate Mindset ? "early Intriguer demo"**

Intriguer album
Intriguer instrumental
A Cornucopia of Flowers?

Two Mintues of Silence* (recorded 2011-2016)
Nonsense of Course (2011-2016)*
She Belongs to Me (Pajama Club)
Song of the Lonely Mountain

We Like the Questions [demo] **
Give Into Sadness [demo]**
Who's In Control [demo] **

The Wind Was on the Withered Heath
Your next Move [demo]

You and I Know **
Dive bomber (instrumental)88
Dizzy Heights album

Blue Smoke
What Am I Doing Wrong? Delaney Davidson and Neil Finn


Serious In Love **

Girl (If You are Who YOu Say You Are) --Jesse Sheehan
The Way It Was Before --Jesse Sheehan
Shallow Breathing  -- Jesse Sheehan
The Last Man Standing -- Jesse Sheehan
The Way It Was Before -- Jesse Sheehan

2019? Fangradio stuff, dates uncertain

Fang Radio Theme (aka "harry's Theme")**
Deco 1 **
Incomplete demo "I would like to invite any of place a vocal on top of that"**
It's Happening instrumental demo**
Signs of Life [demo]**
Silent Life (demo)**
Spy Theme demo**
Start of Something demo **
Wrinkles demo**
Uplift demo (piano piece)**
Far Side of the World**
Signs Of Life chords**


Too Good Boogie (CH demo)**
New Shoes (CH demo)**
My FAther Told Me So (with Mick Fleetwood)**
Ascending Drum**
Danger demo**
Not Like Other Men (with Mick Fleetwood)**
Pye Floater**
Roundhead Theme **
TNT for 2**
Stereo Typewriters demo**
Untitled Demo "Musical Shenanigans"**
Better Times Will Come (Janis Ian and Neil Finn)**
Find Your Way Back Home (with Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie)

    All times London, UK.

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