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Reply to "Neil Finn Kitchen Sink: a chronological reference guide"

Appreciate you making this post and have been meaning to add a comment for a while. Just wanted to get my head around what was dropped on the latest Fangradio broadcast first.

Serious In Love — I believe this was in the mix for Out Of Silence, as it was played live during week #3 of the Infinity Sessions with a full band and choir. So, unless the demo played on episode #5 of Fangradio was recorded much earlier, I guess I'd put it down as 2017?

Hyacinth — Are you referring to the episode of Neil Finn’s Cornucopia of Flowers from 2010 where Neil talks about the 'Hyacinth' flower? This episode was replayed on episode #5 of Fangradio, but I'm unaware of any song with that name. The into music to Cornucopia of Flowers is God Lives Over the Road.

Faraway Children — This one confuses me. If you do a search for "faraway children" on this forum you'll find it was supposedly an early version of Nothing Wrong With You, which Neil performed solo at Tabac in 2003.

But the Faraway Children that Neil has played twice on Fangradio seems to be completely unrelated to Nothing Wrong With You. So either Neil has re-used the title for a completely different piece of music or it has been mislabeled on the website. @Jaffaman, any insight with this one?

My gut tells me it might have been related to the Parables Lullabies and Secrets project in 2001, however, it was not one of the six songs available for streaming on the Elevator Songs EP on nilfun at the time.

EDIT: Here's what Neil had to say about Faraway Children on episode #1 of Fangradio: "I've written a great many songs that were basically failed film music. This is one of them. Sometimes they turn into quite good things."

Anyway, I'll cross-check my spreadsheet for songs you may have missed and see if I can add anything. Great list, thanks again for sharing.

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