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Neil Finn/Finn/CH CD Singles Offered

I'm decluttering and getting rid of my Finn-related CD singles. They're all UK releases from 1998 onward:

  • She Will Have Her Way 1&2
  • Sinner 1&2
  • Last One Standing EP
  • Wherever You Are 1&2
  • Hole In the Ice 1&2
  • Won't Give In 1&2
  • Nothing Wrong With You 1&2
  • Edible Flowers
  • Don't Stop Now 1&2
  • And Also: Fingers of Love (from 1994 I think) and Don't Dream It's Over (1996 re-release I think).

I'm open to offers, including simply just paying for postage from the UK. Drop me a note with an offer and I'll make a decision in a week or so!

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