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Awesome, but will I be able to play any of these Blurays or DVDs in the US?


You should be able to play it on your computer.  That's how I play the Split Enz DVD and the Out of the Bag DVD.  Yeah, I know that sucks.  What I also do sometimes is connect my computer to my TV so that I am able to watch these DVDs on my TV.


Hmm. I bought the Split Enz DVD off of E-bay and couldn't get it to play on my laptop (fairly new one) or my PS3. I'm tech-impaired, may have to have another go at it.


I use Classic Media player  



Ok, don't know what happened when I tried it earlier, but it plays fine on my laptop. Thanks for the encouragement or I might not have tried it again; I am quite enjoying the dvd. 


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