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9 October, 2013

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Good news for the lucky patrons who caught the spellbinding Neil Finn and Paul Kelly collaborative concert in early 2013, and amazing news for those who missed out, the Aussie music legends announcing a live DVD, blu-ray, and double-CD of their show at the Sydney Opera House.

The release is called Goin’ My Way, a live recording of the reimagining of some of Australia’s best and well-known tunes in the tour that kicked off on Saturday 16 February earlier this year and played to a total of 100,000 fans Australia-wide.

Mixed by Bob Clearmountain – who has worked with Bruce Springsteen – with the concert DVD directed by VMA-winning director Paul Goldman of Suburban Mayhem fame, the live DVD, blu-ray and 2CDs will feature the reinvention of songs like Into TemptationFour Seasons In One Day and Don’t Dream It’s Overfrom Finn’s repertoire, and Dumb ThingsHow To Make GravyBefore Too Longand more from Kelly’s coveted career.

Neil Finn and Paul Kelly have been friends since 1980, always discussing a potential collaboration on stage, Goin’ My Way also seeing guitarist and Kelly’s nephew Dan Kelly, drummer and Finn’s son Elroy Finn, guitarist and bassist Zoe Hauptman also join the fray, with former Split Endz spoon-player and now art director Noel Crombie creating visuals for the tour and release.

Goin’ My Way will be released Friday 8 November through EMI Music Australia, with preorder from the tour’s website – available as a stand-along DVD, blu-ray or 2CD, or in the Limited Edition Deluxe that includes all three releases.

The full tracklist for both CDs and the DVD is as follows.


1. Don’t Stand So Close To The Window
2. Four Seasons In One Day
3. Before Too Long
4. She Will Have Her Way
5. Not The Girl You Think You Are
6. For The Ages
7. Sinner
8. Won’t Give In
9. Careless
10. Leaps And Bounds
11. Only Talking Sense
12. New Found Year
13. Into Temptation
14. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed
15. Private Universe


16. Dumb Things
17. One Step Ahead
18. Deeper Water
19. Better Be Home Soon
20. How To Make Gravy
21. Distant Sun
22. Winter Coat
23. Fall At Your Feet
24. To Her Door
25. Don’t Dream It’s Over
26. Message To My Girl
27. Love Is The Law
28. Words Of Love
29. Moon River


1. Introduction
2. Before Too Long
3. She Will Have Her Way
4. Not The Girl You Think You Are
5. For The Ages
6. Sinner
7. Won't Give In
8. Careless
9. Leaps And Bounds
10. Into Temptation
11. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed
12. Private Universe
13. Dumb Things
14. One Step Ahead
15. Deeper Water
16. Better Be Home Soon
17. How To Make Gravy
18. Distant Sun
19. Winter Coat
20. Fall At Your Feet
21. Love Is The Law
22. Message To My Girl
23. To Her Door
24. Don't Dream It's Over
25. Moon River
26. Words Of Love


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