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The Pineapple Head posted:

I have no clue how I'd rank all of them but my top 10 are:

1) Anyone Can Tell

2) Private Universe

3) I Feel Posssesed

4) Italian Plastic

5) Better Be Home Soon

6) Even A Child

7) How Will You Go

8) Kare Kare

9) Twice If You're Lucky

10) Weather With You

It's pretty painstaking and time-consuming. To start out, I just positioned them roughly on the list depending on how much I like them. Then I worked through the list head-to-head (1st vs 2nd, 2nd vs 3rd etc) and whenever I preferred the lower song, it would keep moving up until it 'lost'. I found the more different two songs are, the harder they are to compare. Think about Now We're Getting Somewhere and Help Is Coming. I love both of them but the sound, atmosphere and mood are polar opposites. When you love them in different ways, it's hard to pick a winner.

You've got some wonderful songs there. Looks like the biggest climbers compared to mine are Italian Plastic, BBHS and How Will You Go. I quite like all three of them, they were just victims of how consistently great the band is. I'd say the first two suffer from bland or stunted verses which fail to do justice for pretty memorable choruses. How Will You Go holds up better to frequent listens and it could easily be a career-defining single for most pop songwriters. The fact it feels like 'just another strong track' to me is testament to the talent of the Finns.

Is there anything else that you found surprisingly high or low on my list?

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