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Reply to "Most Underrated Crowded House Songs"

The Pineapple Head posted:

Yeah I've seen Axver's. Do you have your list? I'd love to see it!

Sure! This would almost warrant a separate thread, because it's always a fun conversation starter. Some people are bewildered that their favourite song ranks so low, others are happy that somebody else shares an obscure favourite of theirs, but it always makes for spirited discussion. WARNING: Long comment incoming. Here we go.

  1. Fingers of Love
  2. Recurring Dream
  3. Private Universe
  4. Catherine Wheels
  5. I Feel Possessed
  6. Nails in My Feet
  7. Kare Kare
  8. Distant Sun
  9. Tombstone
  10. Silent House
  11. Black & White Boy
  12. I Am In Love
  13. Whispers and Moans
  14. Sacred Cow
  15. Anyone Can Tell
  16. Archer’s Arrows
  17. Four Seasons In One Day
  18. Never Be the Same
  19. She Goes On
  20. Saturday Sun
  21. When You Come
  22. In the Lowlands
  23. In My Command
  24. I Walk Away
  25. You Can Touch
  26. Instinct
  27. Chocolate Cake
  28. Sister Madly
  29. Tall Trees
  30. Pour le Monde
  31. Dr Livingstone
  32. Say That Again
  33. Fame Is
  34. Walked Her Way Down
  35. Even A Child
  36. Locked Out
  37. English Trees
  38. Together Alone
  39. Don’t Stop Now
  40. Amsterdam
  41. Twice If You’re Lucky
  42. Now We're Getting Somewhere
  43. Nobody Wants To
  44. Time Immemorial
  45. I Love You Dawn
  46. There Goes God
  47. Help Is Coming
  48. Into Temptation
  49. Hole in the River
  50. Isolation
  51. Fall At Your Feet
  52. Inside Out
  53. Can’t Carry On
  54. Love This Life
  55. Weather With You
  56. Don't Dream It's Over
  57. Mean To Me
  58. Everything Is Good For You
  59. World Where You Live
  60. Heaven That I’m Making
  61. Falling Dove
  62. It’s Only Natural
  63. Elephants
  64. Walking on the Spot
  65. Pineapple Head
  66. Transit Lounge
  67. People Are Like Suns
  68. Left Hand
  69. Mansion In the Slums
  70. You Are the One To Make Me Cry
  71. How Will You Go
  72. Better Be Home Soon
  73. Something So Strong
  74. As Sure As I Am
  75. Love You ‘Til the Day I Die
  76. Even If
  77. Skin Feeling
  78. Italian Plastic
  79. Lester
  80. Kill Eye
  81. She Called Up
  82. Either Side of the World
  83. That’s What I Call Love
  84. Not the Girl You Think You Are
  85. I’m Still Here
  86. All I Ask
  87. A Sigh
  88. My Telly’s Gone Bung

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