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Reply to "Most Underrated Crowded House Songs"

For those that haven't read it, our beloved Axver attempted to rank EVERY A-side Crowded House song from the 6 albums, Afterglow and Recurring Dream Best of:
It motivated me to make one of my own. Whilst it seems pointless, overly technical and subject to constant change, it was actually a very fun journey to go on. It really got me thinking about what I do and don't love about every song and deepened my appreciation of their entire catalogue.

For the purpose of this thread, I will just note some high-ranking songs from my list that I would consider 'underrated'.

4. Catherine Wheels
9. Tombstone
11. Black & White Boy
12. I Am In Love
14. Sacred Cow
15. Anyone Can Tell
22. In the Lowlands
25. You Can Touch
29. Tall Trees
31. Dr Livingstone
32. Say That Again
33. Fame Is
34. Walked Her Way Down
35. Even A Chlid

I have left out some very high-ranking songs like Recurring Dream, Kare Kare, She Goes On and Archer's Arrows because I feel like they are already held in high regard by many fans, despite not being household songs.

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