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Reply to "Most over-rated MUSICIANS"

Originally posted by Cornelius:
What????? The Velvet Underground, Radio Birdman & Nick Cave over rated?? Eeker

They are the most unboring musicians on your list, & pioneers of their respective genres!

What next? You'll be saying that Al Martino couldn't sing, & Liberace can't play piano!

Has anyone mentioned Darren Hayes or John Farnham yet?

Well I know what musical side of the fence you're on Cornelius! Big Grin

I do find the Velvets boring. Their music simply doesn't resonate with me. Having said that I do like "Waiting For The Man" but have no inclination to buy that first album. I suspect that people who do are a bunch of posers - much like Lou Reed and John Cale actually.

Radio Birdman? Crap. Nick Cave? Some of his stuff is good but jeez, you have to go through a lot of tosh to get to it. And Nick can be crushingly boring as well. His speech at last year's ARIA showed how much of a pompous twat he is.

Darren Hayes? Good sturdy pop and nothing more. John Farnham? No doubt a good voice, no doubt he hasn't a clue what to do with it.

By the way Al Martino can't sing and Liberace can't play piano - because they're both dead now. But back in the day...
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