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Reply to "Most over-rated MUSICIANS"

My list of over-rated musicians? Easy:
The Velvet Underground
Artic Monkeys (does anyone outside the UK give a toss about these tossers?)
Jeff Buckley (only one album - what's to say he wouldn't have screwed up?)
Nick Cave
Radio Birdman (Who the hell let this bunch of idiots into the ARIA hall of fame? Looking for credibility maybe? Try again)
Patti Smith
The Kaiser Chiefs
The Killers (that moron that masquerades as their lead singer needs a good kick up the backside)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (I've got their albums but now getting the suspicion they're the same album re-jigged)
Beyonce (face it, she is NOT that good)
Mariah Carey (ditto)
Alicia Keys (she is a talent - pity her music is so beige)
Wilco (Boring, really boring - but then again so is Lambchop)
Bob Dylan post 1976 (apparently his latest stuff is'phenomenal' - why? Who are you kidding?)
Rolling Stones in concert (Great band on record - bloody lousy on stage and always has been)
Split Enz (Judd era) (Perhaps controversial to put it on a Frenz forum but the way some older fans carry on, you'd swear Neil Finn did the same to the Enz as Phil Collins did to Genesis - yep, more successful and better songs. How dare they!)
    All times London, UK.

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