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Reply to "Most over-rated MUSICIANS"

1. well i dont hear a lot of people going "now that's a great singer" when the singer is actually not that great, so i've repaced this with
Most overrated songwriter - kurt cobain. of course he's talented, but he was so overrated, he couldn't even take it himself.
2. Most overrated guitarist - Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix is really awesome, but i'm sooooo sick of hearing people butchering Little Wing in the Berklee practice rooms.
3. Most overrated bassist - Paul McCartney! Except, he played that awesome bassline for Taxman. No, wait, that was George!
4. Most overrated keyboardist - Vangelis
5. Most overrated drummer - Charlie Watts.
6. Most overrated multi-instrumentalist...Not sure what to put for this one. I guess Mike Oldfield isn't that great.

For those of you thinking of putting Ringo in as the most overrated drummer, I recommend you listen to something like Ruby Tuesday by the Stones, and then the Anthology version of Don't Pass Me By, and then you can put Charlie Watts down. Razzer
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