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Paināporo posted:

I've watched a video of a Lightsleeper gig on YouTube and as much as I expected to be put off by the Finn family playing Crowded House songs, I actually quite enjoyed it. Liam brought a sense of youthfulness, humor, and energy to the songs that I haven't seen since the Paul Hester days. I also enjoyed the band's full on performance of "Black & White Boy". They were into rocking out in a way that Crowded House circa 2010 wasn't and I could certainly see myself enjoying more of that if Liam were to join CH. Elroy's drumming was fine too. Only Sharon seemed out of her depth on a song like "Pineapple Head," so I'm glad Nick is still around.

One thought I had was that maybe Mick Fleetwood would play drums on a new CH album and that Elroy might do drums on tour. That's what happened with some of the songs on Lightsleeper already. Not sure, but I think joining Crowded House as a drummer is probably not befitting of the stature of Mick Fleetwood.

I have no problem with the Finn Family playing Crowded House songs . Saw them in Edinburgh in January , and they did a great job - Sharon included . 

They’re not Crowded House though . 

I would not like Mick Fleetwood to play drums on a “ Crowded House “ album . I think he is a one trick pony and not versatile enough to drum for Crowded House . To be honest the most rudimentary drum machines could have provided what Mick did on Lightsleeper - that’s actually what it sounded like !

Matt has been drummer since 2007 and should continue imo . If for some reason he is no longer deemed suitable like poor Mark ?! Neil should ask Michael Barker . I thought he would have been a good shout to replace Paul and Peter in the first place .

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