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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Beatlebum posted:

Anyhow, with all the talk about Mark Hart being fired, it’s also true that Matt Sherrod has been fired.
Unofficially their replacements are:

Liam Finn - guitars  (possible keyboards as well)
Elroy Finn - drums  (possible guitars as well)
Mitchell Froom - keyboards
Sharon Finn - bass (just joking, lookout Nick)

If its true, if its not some joke from Beatlebum (mostly because Sharon Finn on drumms? what about Nick, Neil confirmed he will be a part of new CH?) or just deliberately left missrumour, its definitely not Crowded House... its Neil Finn & Family. Or Neil Finn & Momos & Sons

Product of that collaboration we know from Neil & Liams Lightsleeper, Meet me in the Air.. Altough I like this song and consider it one of the best from particular album, its very far from anything Crowded House ever did.. TOE and Intriguer with AfterGlow included..hope we wont see that scenario under the name of Crowded House...

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