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I wouldn't put anything past those weirdos. They are planning to ambush Neil on Fangradio with questions about FM and Buckingham's firing.   

Seriously?  Idiots.  They are barking up the wrong tree.  While I am no fan of the new Fleetwood Mac, and am firmly in the camp of “Lindsey got a raw deal,” I don’t think Neil had anything to do with firing Lindsey, and if does know anything, he’s surely not going to spill it all to some Skype callers.

I am so happy that my foray into social media never evolved beyond message boards like this.  



We are talking about a small group of extremely juvenile LB fans who declare themselves to have been avid Fleetwood Mac fans, but who now hate all but Buckingham.  They are quite extreme and LB is their deity.  


For the past 18 months these fools have posted an endless stream of drivel about LB's ousting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  They attack anyone who expresses a positive opinion about the FM personnel or the post-LB live performances.  By association, Neil is considered fair game.   It's usual to come across all kinds of pathetic people on social media, but this bunch take some beating!

This is getting further away from our subject (Mark Hart!), but this makes me smile.  I am a Fleetwood Mac fan, too, but it cracks me up to see Lindsey fans being characterized as crazies.  I'm sure there are some of them who fit that description, but in the 30-plus years I've been an FM fan, I've seen exponentially more Stevie Nicks crazies than I've seen Lindsey ones.  Just sayin'.

I mean, the woman (with support from Mick) destroyed one of the greatest bands in rock 'n' roll history, so I think fans have a right to be upset.

Just like fans have a right to be upset that Mark is no longer part of Crowded House.  But, really, even that comparison is a stretch, as much as I like and respect Mark and his contributions to CH.  Really, since Lindsey was both the band's producer and a major contributor to the songwriting, singing, and musicianship of the group, a better comparison would be like The Beatles kicking out George Harrison.  Hmm.  Even that one doesn't feel right.  Maybe like the Enz kicking out Neil?  Again, it's not a great comparison because Neil wasn't the band's sonic architect.

Bottom line, regardless of how they feel about the circumstances of Buckingham's dismissal (anyone who has read anything about the band's history knows he can be a terror in the studio every bit as much as Nicks can be a prima donna), blaming Neil for it is just silly.  I hope better thoughts prevail and those folks accept that Neil had nothing to do with Lindsey's firing.

On the other hand, looking at the CH situation, it's kinda sad to think that Neil is the Stevie Nicks to Mark's Lindsey.

And the idea that it's truly Neil's band is a hard one.  I mean, did anyone really ever doubt Neil's dominion over the band, going all the way back to Paul's "two dorks and a dictator" description of CH?

You know...I guess I did.  And that was my mistake.  I thought it was a band, but it was less so in Neil's mind.  Maybe things changed after Paul left, but maybe not.  Perhaps it was always Neil and whoever was with him at the time.

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that they made some of the best music of the rock era.  And maybe they're not finished yet.


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