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Reply to "Mark Hart"

The Pineapple Head posted:

I predict that this will be an evolution of Crowdies 2.0, which was an evolution of Crowdies 1.0. Which I'm fine with.

The new lineup is actually more like Crowded House 7 --

1. pre-record deal with w/Craig Hooper

2. original album lineup

3. Tim joins

4. Tim leaves, Mark joins

5. Paul leaves, Peter Jones joins

6. Time on Earth lineup

7. whatever's happening now

Versions 2 and 4 tend to overshadow most of the rest for me, and many here seem to feel the same way.  But that requires you to conveniently forget how many changes there have really been.  I'm sorry to see Mark go, but I'm excited for whatever the new incarnation will be and it's not at all out of character for the band's history.


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