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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Monsieur Nick posted:

Stuart "Mark was not happy at all , but what was he supposed to say ?! He’s a very decent man after all . 

You are entitled to your opinion , but if this notion that Mark is ok with this  is making Neil’s plans sit with you easier , then I think you are sadly mistaken."



Unless you know Mark personally (and I welcome being corrected), he has not expressed his feelings other than to wish everyone well. I am not going to look for or guess at a hidden meaning in the tweet... I mean do the 1st letters in each sentence spell out a secret message that only you can see?

We would all have probably preferred for Mark to be involved but it is nothing to do with us. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that privately that Mark is maybe disappointed with the decision but equally not surprised as he has more class than to throw a tantrum about it, you can do that for him.

What is clear is that you personally are not happy about this. You will have the opportunity to Skype Neil in the coming days or weeks and ask Neil directly the wheres and the whys if you have the bottle to do this.

For most of us, there will be a Crowded House to get behind and look forward to it. In reality, I am glad Neil has got Crowded House off the blocks and it all sits very nicely with me.


Re my comment about how Mark feels , I’m happy to stand by what I said . 

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