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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Secret God (Stew) posted:

Some great comments here from a lot of people. Have loved reading them.

I love all Neil's projects, love him working with his family, and love his involvement with Fleetwood Mac. More than anything, I love that he makes his own decisions on what he does and who he works with on his solo material.

But firing Mark, if that's what we're led to believe has happened, does not pass the sniff test. On the surface, the decision does not sit well and is a true kick in the guts to the fans. Crowded House, in my opinion, is sacrosanct and Mark Hart is an important cog in that machine.

If Mark had tragically died, then I could buy Crowded House carrying on with either Mitchell Froom or Eddie Rayner taking his place. But flat out sacking Mark and Matt (if that is what happened) does not sit right with me. Forced or amicable changes (Paul and Tim) are one thing, but this news leaves a sour taste in the mouth of many fans.

If this Bluesfest gig were for a one-off show to serve as a reunion with Mitchell Froom (and perhaps Tim Finn) I would understand Mark taking a break, but when you start slashing half your current membership (again, if that's what has happened) then it becomes Neil Finn & Friends.

Hell, I wouldn't be against the idea of a whole new band featuring Neil Finn (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick Seymour (bass), Johnny Marr (lead guitar, vocals), Mike Campbell (lead guitar, vocals), Mick Fleetwood (drums) and Mitchell Froom (keyboards). What a supergroup that would be. Think of all the great songs they could play, including Crowded House and many other songs from Neil's songbook.

But just don't call it Crowded House. Not that I'm suggesting Neil will try and pass off an entirely new band as Crowded House. To me, Crowded House, at the very least, is the core trio of Neil, Nick and Mark. And throw Matt in there to make up the quartet, since Paul and Peter are no longer options. I wouldn't even be against making Liam and Elroy an official 5th member, but not at the expense of Mark Hart.

Again, I'm only theorising/speculating. There are still a lot of questions that will be answered in time. To Neil's credit, he did say we need to trust him. I'm certainly not blindly trusting him, but until we know what these upcoming announcements will be it's hard to make too many further comments.

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