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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Just to quote Mark's tweet;

"Hello All, I feel it’s time to let you all know that Neil has informed me that I will not be a part of the band’s new lineup. Being a part of Crowded House for 30 years was a pleasure and a privilege. I wish them well and hope you all enjoy the new band".

To re-iterate, there may be more to this. There might be details we are not privy to and don't need to know - If that is the case and who knows, they are none of our business. It may also be that this is nothing more than an ambition to just do something different. 

If I was Mark, I could imagine he may be disappointed, I could equally imagine that he might be glad to have been involved as he said and life will carry on happily. It really is between him and Neil and Nick. 

Just to be clear; I am happy and looking forward to a new iteration of Crowded House that contains the 2 remaining founder members and their producer. I welcome new participants who will help present Crowded House in 2020. I hope Liam will have a part in this as well.

I'm not in Mark's shoes so its kind of irrelevant. 

If you are not happy with what has happened to Mark, you can Skype Fangradio and ask Neil directly; why not do that? 

If I ring Fangradio, I will tell Neil how much I am looking forward to the possibility of Crowded House and hoping for shows in the UK!

Would you boycott seeing Crowded House over Mark not being part of the show? 

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