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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Monsieur Nick posted:

I think the idea of Crowded House being a band (they way some here think of it) ended in 1996. The reality is that perhaps Mark and Matt were both salaried members who do not have the same level of control that say Neil and Nick have. 

I'd have been very happy for Crowded House to be Neil, Nick, Mark and Matt but am happier that an iteration of Crowded House that has Neil and Nick will be performing next year and that is something to be looking forward to and excited about.

Mark's message was clear that he had been told that he was not going to be part of the next phase. He seemed gracious and appreciative and offered a nice message. Neil equally described Mark the other night as a good friend. For me there is nothing more to say based on what we have been told.

Why do we need to know what else may or may not be happening or what may or may not have been said? Its easy to think badly of something or look for the negative side of things but we probably don't know what had gone on or the conversations that arrived at the announcements.

Looking forward to plenty in 2020 from Crowded House; Neil, Nick, Mitchell and whoever else is involved. 





Mark was not happy at all , but what was he supposed to say ?! He’s a very decent man after all . 

You are entitled to your opinion , but if this notion that Mark is ok with this  is making Neil’s plans sit with you easier , then I think you are sadly mistaken . 

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