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What can I say?  In my opinion, Mark made what I consider to be an essential contribution to the sound of Together Alone, which is my favorite album ever.  Yes, they’re Neil’s songs, but it was the combination of Neil and Nick and Mark and Paul that brought them to life.  

I would be more accepting of this if it was Mark who decided to bow out, but his tweet seems to make it clear that it was Neil’s decision.

Perhaps the “new Crowded House” will create some great new music, but they should find another name because it ain’t Crowded House!

A band is not a brand.  Ugh at the thought.

Absolutley spot on

Also here! If I may give individual credits for best album ever, Together Alone, it would be:

1. Neil Finn

2. Producer Youth

3. Mark Hart

I’d put Mark ahead of youth 

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