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Reply to "Mark Hart"

brownie posted

A band is not a brand.  Ugh at the thought.

I hate to break it to you, but many bands do in fact become brands once they achieve a certain status and level of commercial success. 

This doesn’t happen because I personally want it to (so don’t make it personal), it happens because the music ‘industry’ works this way, and as fans we play an integral part in making this possible. Think The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and yes even our beloved Crowded House (just to name a few). These are brands that make millions of $’s whether it be on Royalties, Merchandise, Albums/Downloads or Concert tickets ( for those that actively tour).

So the idea that bands are simply in it for the love of music is very romantic but also naive. 

Make no mistake, Neil and Nick are (and deserve to be) looking to maximize the exposure and profit of their next project (whatever it may be).

Why shouldn’t they call it Crowded House? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to attempt to reach new audiences and achieve higher levels of commercial and critical success?

I find it funny how some fans become Uber-Purists who believe they know more and better, than the actual artists who’s  work they so passionately adore.

I get it, we’re all surprised, shocked even with this announcement. Nobody on this forum is happy to see Mark gone from the lineup, but lets wait until all the pieces fall into place and more information is disclosed, before we start questioning the integrity or motives of Neil Finn or Nick Seymour.

Well it’s funny you should say that ! One person who has never seemed to maximise commercial potential at the expense of integrity is Neil - otherwise everything he ever did would have been called Crowded House , as EMI wanted him to do . 

Whats changed ? Does Neil ( or Nick ) need the money ?!

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