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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Monsieur Nick posted:

As it says above, if its Neil, Nick and mum on bongo's its still Crowded House. 

I am appreciative of Mark and his part in the band, Matt too; I was particularly keen on the era of Crowded House 2007+ but am open minded to a Crowded House 2020+. 

I understand all that people say about bands but Crowded House probably stopped being that sort of band in 1996. As others have mentioned, there are lots of other bands that operate with founder members and interchanging support members. 

As for 2020, I am hoping I will be able to see Crowded House with 2 of the 3 original members. I look forward to new players bringing something different to the show.

Does anyone plan to boycott the shows because Mark isn't going to be there?

I won’t boycott anything , even though I feel disappointed about mark . I don’t think it “ stopped being that type of band “ in 1996 . In 2007 it was The same band that recorded Together Alone - but they needed a new drummer . That line up lasted till 2016 .

They don’t need to replace Mark now - but they are going to . 

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