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Reply to "Mark Hart"

Bevster posted:

Very, very sad about this. I love Mark's playing and the contributions he has made, particularly to live performances.

I totally get that it's Neil's band at the end of the day, but I echo others when I say that I always thought the alchemy of Crowded House was something special, something beyond Neil + session players. I say that as someone who's seen Neil perform live in every incarnation of his career. 

I'll refrain from further speculation until we know the full picture, but it is something of a sucker punch. Excited that it looks like there's upcoming CH activity, but also a little sad. 

In one of Neil's recent newsletters he referred to Crowded House as a "brand" rather than a band. I had assumed it was a typo, but clearly it wasn't.  

Sums it up perfectly for me

Neil seems to have changed his tune .

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