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Mark Hart

Devastated he has gone . Really shoddy way to treat an integral part of the band .

If Neil’s entire musical output was Crowded House , I could understand if he no longer wanted to work with Mark . The truth however is we have Split Enz , Crowded House , The Finn Brothers , Neil Finn solo , Neil and Liam , The pyjama club , seven worlds collide , Fleetwood Mac .... have I missed any ?!

Why on Earth would you then purposely reconvene the Crowded House Brand , and then tell an integral member he won’t be involved ?! If someone could explain that I’d be grateful .

I now regret all the time I’ve wasted both here and on the Various FB pages .arguing about the validity of Crowded House , and what makes Crowded House .

This is like history repeating itself . He did the same to Nick in 1989 . That only made a bit more sense , because at least Crowded House were a full time thing then !

Imagine the scenario in 1995 . Paul - “ hey George , we’ve got this John Lennon Demo they want us to finish off to make a final recording . I hope you don’t mind , but me and Ringo have decided we are going to get Carlos Santana to play on it instead of you . Youre my dear friend and I love you - hope you understand “ ... 🙄

i could start again - you can depend on it

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