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Manchester show - pure excellence!

Just got back from Manchester and the boys were in top form, played everything i wanted to hear. Loved Luckiest Man and an impromptu version of Lester as well.

Started with Won't give In and ended with i got You, I'm not the best at remembering set lists but in no particular order and I will be corredcted on the proper order no doubt but they played

Anything Can Happen
Dirty Creature
Disembodied Voices
Edible Flowers
Four Seasons in One Day
It's Only Natural
Nothing Wrong with You
Weather with You
Won't Give In
Angels Heap
How Will You Go
Only Talking Sense
Suffer Never
I Got You
There Goes God
History never Repeats
I See Red
Luckiest Man Alive

I think that's about right!
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