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Reply to "LOVE IS A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Not to sound too much like it's the same 2 voices banging on about this all the time, but (IMHO) all the tracks up on the MySpace player at the moment are quite something and a real indication that LIAM is going to be quite the el-bum...

Give em' all a listen:

Putty in My Hands - a raucous wee rocker
Hangin' by a Thread - what a hook to that chorus!!
Wankers - Enz history lesson (with a tune!)
Be My - Phil channels some of that Swingers-era Phil, proving the old bugger's still got it.
Can of Worms - Worms! On one heck of a hook!
Hug - Yoy - Mr Phudd laid bare... heartbreakin' emotional stuff... no Novelty Acts here...
    All times London, UK.

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