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Reply to "Lost Fifth Album"

I've made a playlist that could have been released in 1996 or so, it utiilizes a couple of outtakes from Together Alone, though. (And they do sound ever-so-slightly out of place.) But it's a great album full of fantastic mid-nineties rock. I actually really, really really like it and I think I would have just loved in 1996, which was right when I was getting into all things Finn. I even think it might have been a big international hit, it sounds so "of the times."

It goes like this:

  1. Newcastle Jam
  2. Taste of Something Divine
  3. Help is Coming
  4. I Am In Love
  5. Convent Girls
  6. Instinct
  7. You Can Touch
  8. Not the Girl you Think YOu Are
  9. Anthem
  10. I Don't Know You
  11. Spirit of the Stairs
  12. Everything Is Good For you

Depending on my mood I might add either "Loose Tongue" or "My Time Is Now."

Very good track list, almost matches mine exactly, great songs!!!

    All times London, UK.

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