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Reply to "Lost Fifth Album"

In addition to the 1996 CH album I shared previously, I also have a "bonus disc" to that album, which I call the Lost Tapes '96. It includes the following:

1. Most Unwanted (MTV UK live)
2. Instinct (demo from FTTW DVD)
3. Be My Guest (live on the Internet)
4. Not the Girl You Think You Are (demo)
5. Dots on the Shell (live acoustic performance)
6. Everything Is Good For You (demo)
7. Loose Tongue (demo)
8. Falling Star (live acoustic radio performance)
9. I Don't Know You (demo)
10. Spirit of the Stairs (home demo)
11. I'm So Scared of Losing I Can't Compete (home demo)

And the cover art looks like this:


    All times London, UK.

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