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Reply to "Lost Fifth Album"

The Pineapple Head posted:
Paināporo posted:

I am quite fond of my lost CH album, which I call Something Divine. I chose to imagine a word where some new songs are being worked on at the same time that outtakes from TA are being considered and that Paul is still a member of the band.

1. New castle Jam

2. Anthem 

3. Instinct 

4. Everything is Good For You

5. You Can Touch

6. A Taste of Something Devine

7. Not the Girl You Think You Are

8. My Time is Now (Paul Hester)

9. Convent Girls

10. Help is Coming

11. Spirit is the Stairs (studio demo)

Painãporo do you have a link of any description to "This is massive" as I can't find it.

If you mean "My Time is Now", it's by Largest Living Things and is available on Other Enz: Split Enz and Beyond.

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