Reply to "Looking for any fan club CDs"

Okay, most of the stuff I listed has already been claimed and mailed out ... I still have:

  • I Like It Rare 4 (club CD)
  • Taking The Weather Live '92 (early bootleg)
  • Live In New York 1987 (early bootleg)
  • Private Universe single -- Neil signed (single)
  • Time On Earth album -- Neil signed (single)
  • EnzSO album -- Neil & Noel signed (single)
  • Finn album -- Neil & Tim signed (single)


At some point I'll try to put together a list of the other singles and oddities that I've got in case anybody needs them.

FYI, no profiteering here -- my collection is digital, and I've only sold original CDs at or below original purchase cost (to the best of my recall). Just sharing with forum friends ...

    All times London, UK.

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